Lead Form

Requiring just a couple input fields, Lead Form can take user's entries and match them with Dun & Bradstreet’s global database of businesses and contacts, allowing you to get more information with less friction.

I was responsible for determining what to and not to communicate, and then organizing content and visuals to produce a final design.

  • I started by meeting with the Lead Form team to understand this new service and what was needed to communicate. From my notes, I sketched some of the more important concepts, which brought clarity on our direction and deliverables.

  • Once the team felt good about my direction, I moved on from the sketches and wireframes to final visual designs. When Lead Form page went to code we ran into a few unexpected development challenges. Fortunately good communication allowed the developer and I to solve the challenges and deliver on the final page.

  • The Final Designs

  • D&B 360

    Landing Page

  • Portfolio Manager


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