Solution Center

The Solution Center was designed to be an innovation playground where potential clients would be supported by Dun & Bradstreet’s data and product team in solving complex business challenges.

I was responsible for the organization and design of this informational website.

  • My initial goal was to understand and articulate our unique values and develop a plan on how to market our new set of services to both executives and developers. I started by interviewing different developers who had hands on experience helping our clients solve problems. In addition, I researched information from competitors offering similar services. Finally I reviewed how Human Centered Design Methods were being marketed.

  • Taking all of the notes from my research, I used a shared text editor to organize basic page structure and receive feedback on content. This being new land for us to navigate, there were many different opinions on what needed to be communicated and how to communicate it. We aligned on common ground and iterated on wireframes to agree on the rest.

  • Original Screens


  • Once the bulk of the content and wireframes were agreed on, I was able to move to the design phase. It was important to communicate trust, confidence, and excellence in our Solution Center, while also keeping a hint of our unique Austin flair. The launch of the Solution Center site was not only the beginning of a new initiative, but also a tool used to define its vision and direction.

  • The Final Designs

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    About Us

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    Our Services

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