Business Directory

The D&B Business Directory is a global directory of businesses that enable people anywhere in the world to find and connect with a company they want to do business with.

I worked as the UI Designer along with a UX Designer to update Business Directory.

  • I joined this project late in the game as I took over for another designer. With the project behind schedule, I had to work quick to understand the product and deliver final visuals.

    Fortunately the User Experience Designer had the wireframes ready to go. After a few minor iterations I got to work on the final visuals.

  • Original Screens


  • My goal was to support the direction of the wireframes in clearly prioritizing the most relevant information while keeping secondary information easy to access. Through regular communication with the Dublin based Business Directory team, I was able to keep the project on schedule and meet the final deadline.

    Some external circumstances have delayed the production of Business Directory, but feedback on the final deliverables has been very favorable.

  • The Final Designs

  • Company Overview

    Company Overview

  • Dashboard


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