Portfolio Manager

The Portfolio Manager team came to our User Experience Design team with a request that we have heard many times before: “Hey, can you make this look better?”

I was the UI/UX Designer on this project.

  • I worked with the Portfolio Manager (PM) team to understand basic information about who their users are, how they use the product, and which sections of the product are the most foundational to the user’s needs. With a tight deadline I got started by exploring the product for myself.

  • Original Screens

    Original Screen

  • The next step was to make sure the PM team was happy with the direction I was going with. I scheduled a meeting and used Invision to present a few screens that I had mocked up. Feedback was very positive. I also wanted to provide their development team with a sample specced out design to make sure they would be satisfied with my deliverables. This opened the door for a great conversation about improving more than just visuals…

  • Recently, my User Experience Design Team built a Design Framework which would promote consistent experiences across all our products and the front end code to accompany it. The Design Framework helped me educate and convince the PM team on the value of improving more than just visual designs.

    Design Framework
  • After the initial presentation meeting, I completed the rest of visual refresh. Though I worked alone on this project, my team was integral in providing valuable feedback and even helping me suggest a few UX improvements. The PM team is now in conversation with us on how we can work together on more significant improvements.

  • The Final Designs

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