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D&B 360 helps people by connecting to their CRM, matching their data with Dun & Bradstreet’s global database, and providing relevant insights.

I worked as a UI Designer along with a UX Designer and Usability Analyst to tackle this project.

  • D&B 360 was a young product looking for a complete product overhaul. The initial product was a little rough around the edges and users were demanding a better experience. Our team had our work cut out for us as 360 provided a wealth of information but had almost no organization.

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  • It was while working on 360 that the room we now call “The Time Machine” earned its name. We would get so caught up in understanding and defining the flow, lobbying for our hypothesis, and arguing over what to prioritize, that before we knew it, the entire day had passed.

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  • As our understanding of 360 matured, I helped build very low fidelity prototypes to test theories and high fidelity wireframes to share with stakeholders. My primary focus on this project was to provide visuals that prioritize salient information and support a clean easy to use interface.

  • I don't remember ever having more wrong assumptions than I did on 360. Many of my ideas were too forward thinking for our average user and I tried reducing steps that the users depended on.

    However, because the challenges 360 brought were so compelling, it ended up being my favorite and most rewarding product experience. Our team took 360 from being an underfunded and outdated product to being a reputable contender among Dun & Bradstreet's solutions.

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